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Armed with experience, we help you deal with unpredictable growth or stagnation. As the wise owl said, “Prepare yourself today for your life tomorrow.”

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A boutique advisory firm, we work with mid-sized corporates and family businesses to develop strategy and make strategies happen.

Big growth is possible –
good strategy is key.

We are a strategy consulting firm in India. We believe strategy development is sector agnostic. What matters is that you believe that strategy development and proper execution can make a significant difference to your future.

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We are result oriented and go to great lengths to help our clients achieve their goals with simple changes

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Wise Owl Blog

For the love of what we do, and our love for writing, here is the latest from the Wise Owl Blog.

Shrinivas Dempo“I read this blog regularly. Simple, practical and insightful. I appreciate the guidance it gives when it comes to my business” –  Shrinivas Dempo

The 10 WFH commandments

Whether ‘Work from Home’ becomes the dominant form of working is currently unclear. What is clear is that in the near term at least, WFH is going to be a part of many of our lives. This article looks at 5 key upsides and 5 key downsides of WFH. And then gives you 10 commandments for employers and employees to follow to make WFH work.

6 actions to corona-proof your business

There’s no doubt we’ll defeat the coronavirus. What’s more debatable is the economic impact.Depending on who you ask, ‘experts’ predict a ‘V’, ‘U’ or ‘L’ shaped economic recovery.
Yet, which alphabet shape the economy traces is an uncontrollable factor. Instead, plan for what’s in our control. This article gives you 6 powerful actions to corona-proof your business.

7 reasons to stay positive in these viral times

An invisible and elusive enemy has hit the Pause button in our lives. Every aspect of our lives has been disrupted. It’s an uncertain time.
This post looks at some positive data, data which shows how super our lives are. Compared to any other generation. Here are the 7 reasons to stay positive

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