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Armed with experience, we help you deal with unpredictable growth or stagnation. As the wise owl said, “Prepare yourself today for your life tomorrow.”

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A boutique advisory firm, we work with mid-sized corporates and family businesses to develop strategy and make strategies happen.

Big growth is possible –
good strategy is key.

We are a strategy consulting firm in India. We believe strategy development is sector agnostic. What matters is that you believe that strategy development and proper execution can make a significant difference to your future.

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We are result oriented and go to great lengths to help our clients achieve their goals with simple changes

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Wise Owl Blog

For the love of what we do, and our love for writing, here is the latest from the Wise Owl Blog.

Shrinivas Dempo“I read this blog regularly. Simple, practical and insightful. I appreciate the guidance it gives when it comes to my business” –  Shrinivas Dempo

The 7 Rules for Role Models

Role models are people we admire and want to emulate because they embody an ideal. We want to model our lives on them. Its great having one. Yet, conditions apply! There’s a dark, sinister side to having role models. This article looks at the rules to follow while choosing your role models.

The seven hidden upsides of negative thinking

We’re often advised to stay positive. To keep our chin up when adversity strikes. But are there any downsides to positive thinking? Surprisingly, there are several! This article looks at some of the upsides of negative thinking. Or let’s call them the positives of being negative.

Daughters in business?

In most business families, it’s the son that gets involved in the family business. It’s rare finding a daughter involved in the business. But times are changing. Success stories of daughters running family businesses have increased in the last decade. This article provides 4 tips on making daughters successfully join the family business.

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