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4 tips to boost creativity and your business

Even pre-Covid, businesses faced several disrupters. Technology disruption, for instance. Covid has multiplied the uncertainty. Many large companies were born in uncertain times. The common thread between these? Creativity. Most winning companies did something different to win in uncertain times. This article looks 4 tips to improve creativity.

calm mind

The critical step before re-imagining your business

A deluge of advice is available on getting business back on track. Yet, rethinking business models is intense. Building strategy requires creativity which needs a calm mind. And calm minds are in short supply currently! So, before re-imagining your business you need to do one critical thing. To calm down. This article gives you some tips to do that.

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The 10 WFH commandments

Whether ‘Work from Home’ becomes the dominant form of working is currently unclear. What is clear is that in the near term at least, WFH is going to be a part of many of our lives. This article looks at 5 key upsides and 5 key downsides of WFH. And then gives you 10 commandments for employers and employees to follow to make WFH work.

6 actions to corona-proof your business

There’s no doubt we’ll defeat the coronavirus. What’s more debatable is the economic impact.Depending on who you ask, ‘experts’ predict a ‘V’, ‘U’ or ‘L’ shaped economic recovery.
Yet, which alphabet shape the economy traces is an uncontrollable factor. Instead, plan for what’s in our control. This article gives you 6 powerful actions to corona-proof your business.

7 reasons to stay positive in these viral times

An invisible and elusive enemy has hit the Pause button in our lives. Every aspect of our lives has been disrupted. It’s an uncertain time.
This post looks at some positive data, data which shows how super our lives are. Compared to any other generation. Here are the 7 reasons to stay positive

How much ‘detail’ should a leader go into?

Getting into too much detail can add work and increase timelines for a leader. So how does a leader decide how much detail to get into? How does a leader differentiate between important details and the fluffy stuff? This article attempts to answer these questions.

The 5 biggest timewasters

There’s never enough time in the day. There’s always something important which we are unable to do. So, why do we find ourselves so starved of time? The simple answer is by getting ourself sucked into ‘timewasters’. This article looks at the big timewaster culprits. And gives you a simple solution to each timewaster.

The 7 Rules for Role Models

Role models are people we admire and want to emulate because they embody an ideal. We want to model our lives on them. Its great having one. Yet, conditions apply! There’s a dark, sinister side to having role models. This article looks at the rules to follow while choosing your role models.

The seven hidden upsides of negative thinking

We’re often advised to stay positive. To keep our chin up when adversity strikes. But are there any downsides to positive thinking? Surprisingly, there are several! This article looks at some of the upsides of negative thinking. Or let’s call them the positives of being negative.

Daughters in business?

In most business families, it’s the son that gets involved in the family business. It’s rare finding a daughter involved in the business. But times are changing. Success stories of daughters running family businesses have increased in the last decade. This article provides 4 tips on making daughters successfully join the family business.

4 good luck charms to make you luckier in 2020

For most of us, a sense of control over our destiny is a necessary ingredient of a happy and contented life. And the good news is that the more we perform some actions, the luckier we get. Think of them as good luck charms. This article talks about 4 good luck charms to make you luckier in 2020.