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4 Easy steps to make pointless work purposeful

Is all work exciting? Not necessarily. There are always those ‘pointless activities’ to perform. But all seemingly pointless work is not without purpose. There are some activities which while prima facie pointless, do serve a larger purpose. This article is a stepwise guide to find the purpose in those ‘pointless but purposeful’ activities.

Does autocratic leadership work best?

Being autocratic doesn’t mean being a dictator. There are multiple shades between a full autocrat and a leader who doesn’t do anything till his team agrees. Let’s call the best leadership shade an ‘enlightened autocrat’. Here are some of the characteristics differentiating an ‘enlightened autocrat’ from a ‘dictator’.

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Why smart people do stupid things

We’re often dumbstruck by the stupid things smart people do. What causes smart people to do stupid things? And how do we prevent ourselves from falling into this stupid trap? This article looks at 4 causes and 3 ways to avoid the trap.

Are you a good leader or a great leader?

There are bad leaders, good leaders and great leaders. In your case, its likely you’re either a good leader or a great leader. What differentiates a good leader from a great leader? Very many aspects. This article looks at 6 vital signs of a great leader.

6 ways to dodge potholes on the highway to success

We deal with plenty of potholes on our roads. In life too, there are some pothole strewn phases. While potholes in our personal life are frustrating, we pass them sooner or later. But businesses can also run into potholes. This article looks at 6 ways to pass the potholed stretch and get onto the silky-smooth highway to success.

Do you know who your customer is?

Customers are the magic ingredient for any successful business. Despite the obvious importance of the customer, very few businesses know their target customer. They know that a set of customers have bought from them. Yet, they often don’t understand why the customer bought from them. Read this article to know who’s your ideal customer.

Loyal Employees and how to spot them

A generation ago, it was common to find people working their entire life with one company.The previous generation often stuck to one job not because of a great sense of loyalty. It was more from a lack of viable alternatives. So, if sticking to one job is not loyalty, what is? This article looks at some signs that an employee is loyal.

3 factors that paralyze decision-making

We are often stuck while making tough decisions. You’ve looked at options and supporting data. You’ve talked to people for guidance. Yet, you can’t seem to pull the trigger and take that final step of deciding. This article talks about the 3 factors that paralyze decision-making.

7 tips to supercharge your sales team

Businesses survive on paying customers. All functions within a business, directly or indirectly, serve customers. Yet, it’s the Sales team that contributes most to customer experience. They’re ambassadors of your company.
So, how do you ensure that your sales team keeps hitting your targets? This article offers 7 tips to build a high-performing sales team.

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Maximize returns from an investment in a consultant

Consultants require an investment of time and money. Good consulting expertise charges good money. To maximise your returns on the investment, you need to make sure of certain things. This article looks at elements which maximize the returns from an investment in a consultant.

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The oldest skill in the world (and how you should use it)

The oldest professions were based on the earliest human needs. Based on one or multiple skills. For instance, a tailor needed some good needlework skills as well as the creative skills needed to design clothes. All these professions had a common skill running through them. This article looks at that one skill which is the common thread between all these professions- marketing.