We are a strategy development and execution firm.

Founded in 2016, the name iv-advisors derives from the initials (“i” and “v”) of the children of our founder, Sunil Dias. Headquartered in Goa, we provide services to clients across the country. We are business advisors in India and are present in 10 locations across India, either through our own offices or through the offices of our partners. iv-advisors is a brand of Greystuff Strategy LLP.

Who We Serve

Companies who know that big growth is possible. And that good strategy is a cornerstone of that growth. We believe strategy development is sector agnostic. So, it doesn’t matter if you manufacture machine tools or you are a cloud-based fintech service. Or if you are family-owned or not. What matters is that you believe that strategy development and proper execution can make a significant difference to your future. (Note: In case you don’t believe in the power of developing deliberate strategy, we’ll still be happy to talk! Some of our best clients have been former strategy-atheists).

Developing and implementing strategy requires the complete buy-in of the top management. Hence, we insist on significant involvement from the CEO in all our engagements.

There are three types of entities we serve
1. Businesses across sectors with revenues ranging from Rs. 50 to 500 crore.
2. Smaller businesses where we see potential for rapid growth.
3. Family businesses with turnover from Rs. 25 crores upwards.


Kirit Maganlal

Kirit Maganlal

My work with iv-advisors has convinced me of the immense value of a forward-looking Strategic Plan. Decision making on strategic issues has become faster and easier.

Auduth Timblo

iv-advisors is different from the many consultants I've worked with. No hidden agendas. Simple, straight advice. And a keen focus on client outcomes.
Victor Albuquerque

Victor Albuquerque

Sunil stood out in his ability to frame our problems so that fuzzy areas became clearer. He was also a great sounding board for ideas on new offerings.
Kedar Dhume

Kedar Dhume

I used to think process improvement is useful only to a large corporate. I am now convinced that process improvement is something every organization should consider.

Our Team

Passionate about solving client problems and happiest when we make a difference to our clients lives. We know that a few well-implemented changes can go a long way in making your business better. And that’s our primary focus.

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Sunil Dias

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Lincoln Araujo

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Vishwa Naik Raiker

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Shraddha Sinari


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