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Passionate about solving client problems and happiest when we make a difference to our clients lives. We know that a few well-implemented changes can go a long way in making your business better. And that’s our primary focus. Keep that in mind while you search for a Business Consultant in India.

business consultants - Sunil Dias

Sunil Dias

Before founding iv-advisors, Sunil was a Director with KPMG. His focus areas were strategy development and process improvement. He also was an advisor on some marquee transactions.
The reason he started iv-advisors is simple. He figured that he spent 40% of his time on administration.
Internal concalls, meetings and navigating office politics. He felt that a smaller firm which doesn’t have these time-sinks has more time for clients. And focus more on delivering meaningful work. So, he jumped off the corporate treadmill, got rid of his golden handcuffs and started iv-advisors.
Sunil is an engineer (NIT, Nagpur) and MBA (IIM Bangalore). Sunil likes running half marathons (PB: 2 hr, 4 min) and 10k’s (PB: 50m 55s, next aim: sub 50 min). And loves resistance training. He is a passionate reader and nags everyone he meets to read more. His wife and two always-on-the-move kids (‘I’ and ‘V’ are their initials) keep his soul nourished.

Lincoln Araujo

Lincoln is obsessed with efficiency. Finding a better, faster way to do things and with less effort is what makes him tick. Helping people and business skill up and perform the same task with less strain gives him immense joy.
Lincoln has diverse experience in sales, operations and distribution. That gives him a holistic view of how businesses function and how to leverage it to your advantage. When he’s not helping run businesses better, you’ll find him chasing and fixing vintage motorcycles and cars. The history of Goa and its cars consume a large chunk of his spare time and attention.

business consultants - Lincoln Araujo

business consultants - Vishwa Naik Raiker

Vishwa Naik Raiker

Vishwa is a Business Analyst with iv-advisors. With a bachelor’s and Masters in Commerce and an MBA, she’s the most educated employee of iv-advisors.
Vishwa is passionate about ensuring written communication conveys the right message. In a way which the reader / listener gains valuable insights. This also means that she likes separating what’s important from what’s not.
In her free time, Vishwa likes travelling and cooking. She’s a specialist in Indian-Chinese cuisine.

Shraddha Sinari

Shraddha is a Business Analyst with iv-advisors. She is an MBA in Finance. Shraddha is passionate about ensuring projects get completed in the assigned timeframe. Ensuring that every task meets the desired outcomes is what drives her.
Making sure quality is never compromised when achieving deadlines gives her immense satisfaction. In her free time, Shraddha likes gardening & reading.

business consultants - shraddha Sinari