Implement. Implement. Implement.

Building your strategy is fun. Implementing it is even more fun! We take you from abstract strategy to execution.

Organizational Restructuring Performance Management

People make strategy happen. Employees with the right skillsets who know how their role fits into the business strategy. You get an organizational structure with each department having clear functional roles with precise job descriptions for key personnel and an appraisal process from goal setting to reviews to make sure employees perform.

We also help you find department heads by building role descriptions, co-interviewing shortlisted candidates and planning compensation to help you pick the perfect recruit.

Marketing Planning & Implementation Support

Getting your marketing strategy right is useful. Yet, your strategy needs translation into a ready-to-execute marketing plan. This covers more than the awareness and the lead generation aspects of your marketing.

It also includes lead conversion techniques to supercharge your sales. Marketing planning and implementation takes 3-6 months. This includes vendor selection, interaction and quality control. The outcome is better results from your marketing spend.

On-demand Rapid Advice (Retainer)

You have plenty of questions that come up daily. Questions which often leave you scratching you head and take away valuable mindspace. How should you target a customer? And how should you negotiate with a prospective partner? How do you improve the performance of an employee?

We help you answer these questions. We are available over phone / email and periodic meetings. Rapid response, actionable advice. Offered on a retainer model with unlimited number of interactions.

Process Improvement

Bad processes often mess up even the most well-intentioned and actionable strategy. For a strategy to work you need the right processes. We help you identify issues in your current processes and develop new processes.

The outcome, everyone is clear on how a process flows. Who’s responsible for which part of the process with deadlines. Re-engineering a process takes 1-2 months. Multiple processes can be re-engineered in parallel.


Strategy implementation requires significant ramp-up of skills and capabilities. We identify areas where the ramp-up is steep. And suggest where you could look at entering into strategic partnerships. We also help in developing and negotiating key commercial terms in transactions.

Taxation implications and regulatory compliance are critical while executing a transaction. With our partners Transaction Square, we help you structure your transaction tax efficiently and within the legal and regulatory framework.