Sustain your family business

A Family Business is different. The passion that exists in a family business is difficult to find in other types of businesses. Yet, family businesses have their own set of challenges. While ‘Strategy for Growth’ and ‘Strategy Execution’ services are equally relevant to Family Businesses, as Family Business advisors, we focus on services relevant to sustain a Family Business.

Succession Planning

Succession planning increases the odds of sustaining the business and your legacy. To decide whether you need a succession plan, ask yourself this question- ‘Where do I see my role in the business 10 years from today?” If you see a significant reduction in your role, it’s time to start designing and planning the transition.

It’s an emotional and confusing time for any promoter and their family. We help you plan the transition of both management and ownership of the family business.

Sounding Board For Patriarch (Retainer)

As a Family Business patriarch, you have a lot on your mind. How do I sustain the legacy of my business? Who takes over after me? How do I professionalise? Unfortunately, in a family business it’s difficult to find someone to discuss these questions. Since they tend to spill over to family life. We become your sounding board.

We provide you a safe and confidential platform to speak your mind. And get our unbiased views. These services are structured as retainer arrangements.

Mentoring The Next Generation (Retainer)

Every generation finds the next-gen very different from themselves. The next-gen often has very different views on how the family business should run. Differences of opinion ensure that the business remains fresh and relevant.

However, often the next-gen needs mentoring to help them reach their full potential. We can help in building bridges between the generations so that they understand each other better. We can also help in Identifying roles for the next-gen in the family or help them decide on a new line of business.