Different industries have different needs.

We offer specialized services for businesses in various domains. These include Real Estate, B2B businesses, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Retail.

Real Estate

It’s difficult to generate and convert leads in the current slowdown. Your marketing and sales strategy needs to be streamlined for you to continue selling. We optimize your sales strategies and improve messaging to your customer. And help you define your Real Estate Marketing Strategy.

We take a close look at your lead generation channels and suggest solutions and processes to speed it up. Lead generation is only one part of the solution. We work with your sales team to improve your sales process. And make changes to the process to supercharge lead conversion.

B2B Business

B2B businesses are very different from retail-focused businesses. The sales cycle is much longer, markets / segments can also be more diversified. We help you identify markets / segments which make you the most money and are possible for you to tap.

We help you develop strategies to win in those markets. With focus, you can channel your efforts into customers that matter. Freeing up your bandwidth to identify new market segments to expand your business.


Manufacturing industries are the backbone of our modern society. Manufacturing is the source of all physical products we can touch. Yet despite it being a crucial part of our economy manufacturing often faces various challenges and question that are unique to this sector.

How much to produce? Do I have capacity to meet demand? Is my pricing strategy, right? Where do I source my raw materials from? Where do I find new/more profitable clients? How do I manage the cyclical nature of my business? We help you answer these questions.


The key challenge in Hospitality industry is to differentiate yourself from other players. With the rise of OTAs and online aggregators many businesses are struggling to stay profitable.

What should be the profile of my guest? What should I charge him? How to improve occupancy? How do I increase revenues? And how do I reach out to my clients are questions on the minds of every owner. We help you find answers to these questions via our specialized services.


Challenges faced by retailers have increased with the rise of online shopping. A lot of retailers find it difficult to stay relevant in today’s market. It has become difficult to maintain current growth rates and find new avenues for growth. We help you find these avenues.

What are the SKUs that my customer wants? How do I maximize return from my limited shelf space? What offers will add most value to my clients? We help you make these decisions to help drive growth and profitability