More revenue. More profit. Less pain.

Our core offering, we help you develop a strategy to make your business bigger and better. You understand the options available and pick ones that supercharge your growth. Unlike traditional strategy exercises, your options are not restricted by fancy frameworks. Instead, we help you understand the universe of possibilities, before applying practical constraints.

Rapid Strategy Workshop

This is either a full-day workshop or split across 2-3 days. They help articulate your vision, surface your burning issues, and brainstorm solutions. The key outcomes are 2-5 disruptive ideas to help achieve your vision. Conduct the Rapid Strategy Workshop at your office or any other location of your choice.

Rapid Strategy workshops and outbound team building activities make a great combination. We (along with Xperentia) help you design and run these offsite experiential workshops.

Disruptive Strategic Plan

A 3-6-month intervention to develop a full business strategy. You get clarity on where you want your business to go and the path to take to get you there.

A strategic plan makes you choose where you want to see your business 5 years from now, which customer segments and geographies to focus on. And most importantly, what you need to do to win in the market. A Strategic Plan gives you clarity on your future path and is a guiding light for future strategic decisions. A Business strategy consultant helps provide an independent, informed perspective.

Supercharged Marketing

Sometimes, you’re clear on your vision and confident of your strategy to get there. But that doesn’t guarantee success in the market. You need more detailing on who your target customer is and how your product or service needs to be positioned to them. Once that’s done, you need to decide on the marketing channels to use to reach your target customers.

A basic marketing strategy is part of any large business strategy. This service develops a comprehensive marketing strategy and go-to-market plan.

Strategic Decision Support (Retainer)

It’s likely that you’re surrounded by employees who agree with a lot of what you say. It’s difficult for a person reporting to you to say he/she disagrees with you. Unless you’re always right, that’s not a good thing!

We take on the role of your sparring partner. Throw your strategic ideas, thoughts, questions, difficult decisions at us. As your business strategy consultants, we will give you our frank and considered advice. Advice in your businesses best interest, not advice which you want to hear. We don’t like counting hours! Retainer pricing is based on mutually agreed estimates of outcomes.